John Morton

Morton_John.OC Sheriff2

Honoree: John Morton

Honored by: Orange County Sheriff’s Department- Laguna Niguel

Cause Area: Law Enforcement & Public Safety

John has been a volunteer with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for over 20 years. He has selflessly donated thousands of hours not only to the Laguna Niguel Police Auxiliary Citizen’s Team (PACT), but also to the Sheriff’s substation in Aliso Viejo. He arrives for all of his shifts with a great attitude and is always the firsMorton_John.OC Sherifft to volunteer for any and all activities. John has been recognized by his peers as one of the most dedicated and hard working volunteers involved in our program. Prior to serving his local communities as a police volunteer, John honorably served this great country with the United States Air Force from 1942-1945. John is, no doubt, an asset to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in every way. He is an inspiration to all who have worked with him and his years of dedicated service have proven to be invaluable.



4 thoughts on “John Morton

  1. Love that John is being recognized as a top leader in his volunteering life. John has been a hero for many reasons, although he would deny that. I add my admiration of him for I had experience patrolling with him over several years. He was a professional and is a fine man
    in all ways. Hope he is able to serve as long as he can! A great role model and volunteer!
    Sincerely. Sharon Pfister.


  2. John,
    You know how our whole family feels about you! So grateful for you in our life! Thank you for all you do, for your service and most importantly for who you are! What a special person you are! As always, you’re so deserving! Celebrating your service and who you are with you. Warmest blessings and congratulatory wishes.


  3. John – I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation for your 20+ years of service to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the citizens of Orange County! As a member of the nation’s “greatest generation” you continue to serve and inspire everyone around you. Thank you for your dedicated service!


  4. John, what a treasure it has been working with you, chatting with you and counting you as a special friend. I am only one of many, many admirers. Thank you for all you do for OCSD and thank you for being such an wonderful man.


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