Bob Torrez

Torrez_Bob.Irvine ranch Conservancy

Honoree: Bob Torrez

Honored by: Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

As a leader in the Irvine Ranch Conservancy equestrian program since 2011, Bob has created several new and interesting equestrian activities. As he leads groups of riders along the historic trails of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, he stops along the way to talk about the ranching history of the area – participating in an equestrian ride under a full moon could make visitors hearken back to days of yesteryear. Bob has also been able to draw on his work skills with metal and engineering to improve the use of old ranching infrastructure. He is also a great ambassador for the land, and can be seen in the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks helicopter tour at the Discovery Cube OC.



16 thoughts on “Bob Torrez

  1. Bob, your connection to the land and the those that have crossed through it are ever-present in your programs. Thank you for relaying those important stories of the past to our present guests. Indeed the equestrian program is truly unique because of volunteers like you. Your care and understanding of the land is a stewardship that is not often replicated. We are so very pleased to honor you for your spirit of dedication to the Landmarks. Thank you!


  2. Thanks Bob, and also to your four-legged companion, for making the Landmarks a great place to visit. I appreciate your work and all that you continue to do to make this place special. We couldn’t do it without you.


  3. A very big THANKS to you, Bob!!! It’s always a joy to see you and Chief out along the trails, helping others to see the land in new and exciting ways. Your steady, calm demeanor is a welcomed presence on programs. Thank you for developing such wonderful experiences and sharing your tales with the public. You are one amazing volunteer (you too, Chief!)!!


  4. Bob, a million thanks for your volunteerism and your commitment to the Conservancy and it’s mission! Without great volunteers like you we would not be able to connect more and more community members to the land we love… We are very lucky to have you as our volunteer!


  5. Bob, thank you so much for your time and efforts in connecting people to the land. I’m glad I could make you semi-famous with your turn in the Discovery Cube helicopter film! Congratulations — you deserve this honor.


  6. Bob, thank you for working so hard to keep equestrian programs active on the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. The Conservancy, the land and the public benefit tremendously from your dedication. Congratulations!


  7. Bob, congratulations on a very well deserved honor. Thanks for everything you do for the land and the Conservancy and our Mission.


  8. Congratulations Bob! Thank you for having Chief and yourself exploring the Landmarks, bringing other equestrians with you to enjoy it and its history. I enjoy the Open Wilderness Days when an equestrian group also shares the trails, and seeing the pre-ride work it takes before even leading out on a ride! I will take the helicopter ride at the Discovery Cube again to see you and Chief on the trail in the Landmarks!


  9. Good to see you at the luncheon Bob and also, at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new viewing deck. Your horse is beautiful. Great job with the conservancy! See you at the dinner on the 13th. Gary


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