Caspers Park Foundation

Team Caspers Park Foundation.OC Parks

Team Name: Caspers Park Foundation

Team Member Names: Bill Linas, Diane Etchison, Jean Savage, Don Benefiel

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Caspers Park Foundation is being nominated for their unparalleled dedication and service to Caspers Wilderness Park.  Since 1981 the volunteer group has consistently staffed the park’s nature center on weekends, holidays, and special events. Their efforts have inspired countless park visitors. They find new and interesting ways to engage the public on a regular basis, including inviting guest speakers to present interesting topics to the public once a month. They have organized interpretive hikes and engaged in active resource protection. This organization has used special funds to purchase new and advanced equipment for the public to use in the park nature center like the user friendly microscope perfect for interfacing with tactile objects. They are a constant support to park staff and we are grateful for their continual effort to inspire the public and create a memorable experience at Caspers Wilderness Park.


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