Christa Preston

Preston_Christa.Serving Kids Hope.jpg

Honoree: Christa Preston

Honored by: Serving Kids Hope

Cause Area: Healthcare

Christa has been volunteering with nonprofit organizations since 1993 when serving as CFO for the PFO of Harbor View School. At that time she became proficient in the maintenance of several large sum accounts. She was instrumental in the inception of computer technology installed in each of the classrooms. Additionally, she served on the board that established the PIE (Parents Improving Educations) program that raised over half a million dollars to secure supplemental teachers and programs that were discontinued in the state school budget. Christa worked with multiple grade level children to facilitate everything from computer inception into the classrooms to producing the 200 children in the school plays. She has been a long term volunteer for Serving Kids Hope, Dr. Patricia MD and Fit Kid Squad, assisting in the design and upkeep of each of the websites, updating the blogs providing research, food and exercise information for our patients and designing healthy food recipes for these programs. She has been involved in these program fundraising events since their inception.


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