Danielle Metzger

Metzger_Danielle.Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County

Honoree: Danielle Metzger

Honored by: Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County

Cause Area: Healthcare

Danielle Metzger is a compassionate and dependable volunteer who has helped our organization professionalize and grow. She has volunteered for our organization for two years, helping us create systemic change in our programs. Danielle is our Epilepsy Expert Series Program, Registration Coordinator. If we could clone her, our organizational growth would be limitless. Danielle was recruited by her sister, Meghan Metzger, our Director of Programs. We had a chronic problem with registration statistics, numbers we depend on for calculating the numbers of individuals served. This is an essential programming piece required for all grants, reports, evaluations, etc… She took over this important program area and fixed our registration problems in one evening. Just one of her accomplishments has saved several hours of staff time each month. Danielle is also on our fundraising committee, donating and raising essential funds for our programs. She also works at our annual fundraiser, taking on any task asked of her. Recently, we needed an experienced facilitator for our Teen Club, managing 18 teenagers in a social and recreational environment, Danielle agreed to fill in for us and bravely and positively led our teens in one of their most enjoyable meetings they have experienced, to date. Danielle always has our organization at the top of her mind, continuously recommending opportunities for efficiency and improvement. We have grown to rely on her experience and attention to detail.


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