David Louton

Louton_David.Irvine Ranch Conservancy.jpg

Honoree: David Louton

Honored by: Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

David has been a very active docent since July 2007, offering full moon hikes, astronomy programs, and every year a 4th of July fireworks viewing hike. He shares his deep interest in the open space and outer space with those on his programs. David also helps protect the local wildlands through his work as a Fire Watch volunteer. More recently, David and his wife, Suanne, have taken the lead on new programs offered at the Orchard Hills trailhead, close to many new homes in Irvine. We appreciate every way in which David introduces Orange County residents to the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.



17 thoughts on “David Louton

  1. Congrats David! You are a true asset to the Conservancy. Thank you for all that you do. I enjoyed Kelley’s leadership training class with you and Suanne; you two are great ambassadors of the land!


  2. David, your knowledge and passion has deeply contributed to our work as stewards of the land. Your continued engagement of the public and interest in opportunities to connect others is very much the reason we are so pleased to honor you. Thank you for all the efforts and dedication you have shown over a great many years.


  3. A very big CONGRATS to you, David, on a job well done! I remember first meeting you on a full moon hike in Bommer Canyon. I had just started in my position as well; I can’t believe it’s been almost a full decade of sharing the land with others! You have truly made a difference to so many and will continue to do so. Thanks for all that you do!!


  4. Thank you David for all that you do. It’s always a pleasure seeing you on Fire Watch. I always walk away after talking to you having learned something new. Thank you.


  5. Congratulations, David! It was great to see you in action, sharing all your amazing knowledge about the outer space at the last Program Leadership Training! A million thanks for all that you’ve done for the Conservancy, the land and the community for almost a decade!


  6. David,
    Thank you for the years of dedication. Many people have benefited greatly from your involvement. The work you perform is incredibly valuable for connecting the community to the land and helping to create a long term constituency to always support the land.


  7. David – you and Suanne are truly superstars! Thanks for everything you do for the Conservancy and the land and congratulations on this great honor.


  8. David, thank you for taking the lead and opening up Orchard Hills to the public again. It’s popularity is evidenced by the participants who sign up to hike with you and Suanne! It was special to experience a full moon hike once again from the orchards. Thank you! Congratulations!


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