Dorothy Schaper

Schaper_Dorothy.OC Parks.JPG

Honoree: Dorothy Schaper

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Dorothy has been an active volunteer for almost every fire watch deployment over the last several years. She can often be found during deployments at Peters Canyon Regional Park on the lookout for fires or suspicious activity but can also be found interacting with park visitors. Dorothy is very active in the fire watch education and outreach program, attending many special events and parks on the weekends to help educate the public on the Fire Watch Program, and wildfire prevention. Dorothy represents the true volunteer spirit and recently elevated her dedication level by becoming a Ranger Reserve with OC Parks.


4 thoughts on “Dorothy Schaper

  1. Thank you Dorothy for all that you do for OC Parks. Especially all the long hours you’ve dedicated to the Fire Watch program both on red flag deployment days and the many outreach events around Orange County. Its truly a pleasure getting work along side you and we are all lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer like yourself with us.


  2. Dorothy,
    Thank you for you commitment to the OC Fire Watch Program. It is one of the most important volunteer roles in Orange County. You are helping the land and the surrounding communities. Congratulations!
    Dave Raetz


  3. Dorothy, What a delight for me to find your name on the blog site! Congratulations may be a long word, but it isn’t long enough to describe why you are an honored Volunteer, not only with IRC but now with OC Parks! Thank you for your dedication and warm manner in sharing your love for the land with fellow Volunteers/Park Rangers, but just as important, those who participate by coming out on the Land to hike, bike, horseback ride!


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