Fullerton Police Department RSVP’s

Team Fullerton Police Department

Team Name: Fullerton PD RSVP’s

Team Member Names: Betty Ziegler, Kathryn Katz, Eleanor Grainger

Honored by: Fullerton Police Department

Cause Area: Law Enforcement & Public Safety

BThe Fullerton Police Department would like to nominate RSVP’s Eleanor Grainger, Kathryn Katz, and Betty Ziegler for the OneOC Spirit of Volunteerism Award 2016. Each of these three ladies has volunteered at the Fullerton police department for over 20 years. Their level of commitment to service within the RSVP program is unmatched and this dedication followed lengthy successful careers. The desire to assist others 20 years post-retirement demonstrates their level of commitment. Of note, RSVP Betty Ziegler turned 90 years old on February 16th, 2016 and she continues her volunteer service with a smile each and every week. Needless to say, they have been an invaluable resource for our community, our department, and our officers. They were trailblazers of the RSVP program and are our greatest resource for newer members of the program. These ladies have set the bar and paved the way for the rest of the RSVP’s at the Fullerton Police Department. They were the first to work in the different bureaus throughout the department including but not limited to: records bureau, traffic bureau, Crime lab, fingerprinting, patrol, vacation checks, community events, city fairs, carnivals, Farmer’s markets, and DUI check points. These ladies have done nearly all there is to do at Fullerton PD and their services have been invaluable to our community. We are honored that each of these three ladies has chosen to serve the citizens of Fullerton by volunteering their time with the Fullerton PD RSVP Program.


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