Jaimaine Lee

Lee_Jaimaine.United Healthcare

Honoree: Jaimaine Lee

Honored by: UnitedHealthcare

Cause Area: Healthcare

From the gritty environs of Skid Row to the shiny floors of a basketball court, Jaimaine Lee continues to seek out places where he can make beyond-the-ordinary contributions when it comes to community volunteer work. It began for Jaimaine three years ago when he decided to help out at an area Thanksgiving event for the homeless. In addition to helping serve meals and making personal monetary contributions during those visits, he brought toiletries, water and, of all things, boxes of athletic shoes. Jermaine knows something about sports footwear. He currently is a service analyst in UnitedHealth Group’s Optum business offices in Cypress. But prior to that, he worked as a local manager for Nike, so he is very familiar with how comfortable shoes can be a very practical donation. At UnitedHealthcare, which encourages employees to participate in volunteer activities, he learned about various other donation opportunities that have allowed him to motivate co-workers to join him in helping those in need. For example, he has set an example for others by supporting the Magic Johnson Foundation’s Christmas tree-and-toy giveaway program. And, with fellow employees, he helped gather local Easter gift baskets and other household items, including backpacks, and delivered them to Marines serving at Camp Pendleton. He also has encouraged fellow employees to assist bicyclists taking part in the Ride 2 Recovery, also known as The Big Orange Classic. The annual regional fundraising event helps veterans who have suffered physical or psychological injuries. “Yeah, I’m very enthused,” says Jaimaine about his contagious dedication to volunteer service. “I just like to help. It’s nothing too elaborate, but I’ve got time. Or sometimes even if I don’t have time, I really just want to try and help if I can. I want to be known as the dependable one and just be there. It’s really as simple as that.” Where he has been an especially big help, and where he donates most of his time and service, is his work to help start and then lead a UnitedHealth Group employee basketball league. The participation in ── and excitement about ── the league continues to grow. The goal of the league, he notes, is to help his co-workers keep up active lifestyles and strive for fitness. Through his leadership and inspiration, he has run the league for the past two years and taken the program from the initial 10 players and the $300 budget it began with to now more than 100 participants and $6,000 in funding. But there is an additional payoff that the league has provided, which Jaimaine is especially proud to point out. Through the league, which uses community courts around the Cypress area, he has been able to so far recruit more than two dozen players to participate in volunteer activities such as the Magic, Easter and Ride activities, as well as fitness events and even Special Olympics. Alex Uhm, chief operating officer for UnitedHealthcare of California, is among the many employees at all levels that have noticed what Jaimaine has been doing and can’t imagine the league without him. “Mr. Lee has been like a player-coach when it comes to helping our community volunteer efforts,” states Uhm, who served as the 2015 co-chair of the UnitedHealthcare of California Social Responsibility Committee. “We see that not only does he take a hands-on approach by personally volunteering and participating in events, he has helped others get involved in service activities through his positive personality and the camaraderie of basketball. It’s a great combination.” Jaimaine prefers to keep a modest approach about it. He says that growing up with a college-age single mom, he greatly appreciated the help that was received from other family members and neighborhood friends. So it’s well within his nature to stand up and help those in need. “It’s just rewarding,” he says. “I really just want to try and help if I can. It’s just a way that I feel. Like if I can pay back those less fortunate, or the community as a whole, if I can.” In summary, Jaimaine is an outstanding employee who graciously and tirelessly gives his time and talent to improve the overall health and well-being of the people in the local community. He is a shining example of UnitedHealth Group’s mission to help people live healthier lives and the Spirit of Volunteerism. His work is greatly appreciated.


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