Jerry Couchman

Couchman_Jerry.OC Parks.jpg

Honoree: Jerry Couchman

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Jerry has been a dedicated volunteer for many years and is active during all Fire Watch deployments. He often works multiple shifts at different parks throughout the deployment day to ensure coverage. Jerry is one of the many fire watch volunteers certified as amateur radio operator or “HAM”, which enables him to share real time weather conditions via radio with other volunteers around the county. The information is also passed on to local fire agencies to give them a real time weather conditions update. Jerry is a regular at outreach events where he educates park visitors on wildfire prevention and awareness. A credit to his amazing and caring personality, there is rarely a visitor who walks away from the fire watch booth without smile after talking to Jerry.


3 thoughts on “Jerry Couchman

  1. Thank you Jerry for all that you do for OC Parks and the Fire Watch Program. Your enthusiasm and passion for protecting the land is to be commended. I always enjoying getting to work alongside you. Thank you.



  2. Jerry,
    Thank you for dedicating yourself to one of the most important volunteer roles in all of Orange County. Fire prevention is important for the land and the community, we really appreciate your involvement. Congratulations!
    Dave Raetz


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