Joanna Moore

Moore_Joanna.OC Hospice

Honoree: Joanna Moore

Honored by: OC Hospice

Cause Area: Healthcare

OC Hospice Volunteer, Joanna Moore, who is also the Director of the Women’s Leadership Program at California State University, Fullerton became a hospice volunteer to visit patients in their homes. Over the year and a half that she has been with us, she has compassionately and faithfully served 2 patients during their last months of life. She has read to them, learned about their families and communicated their concerns to the appropriate discipline (nursinMoore_Joanna.OC Hospice2g, social work, spiritual counseling, etc.) Joanna is a light to her patients – motivating and encouraging them at each visit. It takes a certain type of person to volunteer to help those whom they recognize will not have much more time on earth. Joanna has the care, concern and compassion that has made a big difference in the lives of those she has touched. This has spilled over in other ways that Joanna has gone above and beyond. She has participated in both of OC Hospice’s 2014 & 2015 Holiday Angel Programs – wrapping gifts with other volunteers and then delivering them to lonely and needy residents of a local nursing home. She has taken on additional training including Dementia, “We Honor Veterans” and Communication, so she can continue to give back to patients with special needs. Joanna is currently being trained as a Vigil Volunteer to provide compassionate care for patients whose death is imminent and who may be without the supportive presence of loved ones. When I approached her to help me design a Customer Care Call program to insure that we were effectively meeting the needs of our patients and their families, Joanna enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity. Recognizing that hospice is not like other companies with Customer Service issues, Joanna first suggested we call the program “Customer Care”, rather than “Customer Service.” She also helped choose the correct wording for questions family members would be asked, so it reflected the care and concern OC Hospice has always had in taking them through this often stressful time of loss. Exciting Results… Hospice is all about bringing care and comfort to people at the End of Life, so during the year an outside research company conducts surveys by making random calls to hospice patient families as a quality control measurement that they turn over to Medicare. Because of Joanna’s efforts with her patients and the calls she has made on our behalf, OC Hospice just received something relatively unprecedented in the hospice world:  on the 3rd Quarter 2015 report, it was stated that our company received “facility scores” of 100% in every category being tested! (It should be noted that the norms in these scores range from 84.4% to 98.9 %.) We believe that, at least in part, this resulted from Joanna’s calls, which allowed us to pro-actively address any issues that were brought to her awareness. These issues were promptly shared with the appropriate departments and immediate action was taken. I believe through this program, which Joanna helped to create, that we have been able to make the families and their loved ones feel like they have been listened to and properly taken care off. Joanna Moore is clearly a valued member of our OC Hospice Volunteer Team and it would be such an honor to have her recognized for all she has done for our patients and their families.



One thought on “Joanna Moore

  1. Congratulations Joanna. I am not surprised by you getting this award because you are such a gifted woman of God but it was so nice to see that you are getting recognized out there in the community.


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