John O’Connor

O'Connor_John.OC Parks2

Honoree: John O’Connor

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

John O’Connor came to the Irvine Park Nature Center in 2002 and has been a steadfast and dedicated volunteer for the past fourteen years. He takes pride in carrying out his duties and demonstrates to all his associates the importance and necessity of volunteerism in his community. He is friendly and knowledgO'Connor_John.OC Parkseable when mingling with visitors who are local, out-of-state, and even from other countries. John is a longtime volunteer who is assigned to train new Nature Center volunteers. When another volunteer calls in sick, John can be depended on to come in and cover for the short staffing. John interacts equally as well with young children, when he helps them use the hands-on exhibits, as with senior park visitors, when he engages them to share memories of the park. He is truly deserving of the Spirit of Volunteerism recognition.



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