Kathy Teulie

Teulie_Kathy.Pacific Marine Mammal center

Honoree: Kathy Teulie

Honored by: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Kathy Teulie has volunteered for Pacific Marine Mammal Center for 20 years. She is enthusiastic and incredibly dedicated to and about the organization. This is demonstrated not only through her years of service but also in her willingness to participate in any area to assist our organization. Kathy’s passion for the ocean environment, marine mammals, and PMMC’s mission comes out in everything she does. As a docent, she has taught a huge number of daily visitors about ocean conservation. Her enthusiasm for teaching extended to her facilitation of educational programs for Girl and Boy Scout groups as well as school groups of all levels. Kathy has represented PMMC at outreaches in order to bring our mission of ocean awareness to the community and has been a leader in PMMC’s educational endeavors by training new docents and developing new and exciting presentations for groups of children. Kathy has also gone through extensive training to spend two years in the animal care department helping rehabilitate sick and injured sea lions as well as releasing those animals nursed back to health. After transferring into our docent program, Kathy used her knowledge of animal care logistics by volunteering her time to create animal biographies that the docents could share with the public and she updates them weekly. What is additionally impressive about Kathy is her willingness to participate in those tasks that are less exciting, less visible, but highly important. These include creating and maintaining visitor count statistics and charts allowing us to understand how many visitors come through PMMC, what seasons are the busiest, and if we are seeing an increase of public interest. She has spent time answering animal stranding calls, running the gift shop, sitting on our fundraising committee and even helping with the arduous job of cleaning up and repairing the facility after two floods and a landslide. Kathy is an exemplary individual whose heart and enthusiasm in volunteering is truly inspiring. We cannot thank her enough for her continued service over the years.


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