Larry Varone

Varone_Larry.OC Parks

Honoree: Larry Varone

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Larry Varone has been a dedicated member of Heritage Hill Historical Park’s volunteer organization, the Amigos de la Colina, since 2008. Originally joining the organization at the suggestion of his wife, Karen, who is also a dedicated Heritage Hill volunteer, Larry has become an essential member of the Amigos, using his professional skills as an accountant to serve on the Amigos Board of Directors as Treasurer. He lends his financial know-how to research, digging into the historic accounting records of the Bennett Ranch – the Bennett RancVarone_Larry.OC Parks2h house being one of the four historic buildings onsite – and putting together a continuing education lecture that sheds new light on the Ranch’s operations during the Great Depression. Larry has also recently taken a leading role in the research and development of a historical timeline interpretive panel that the Amigos are hoping to add as a new educational addition to Heritage Hill. Although Larry works full-time in Pasadena, he always makes time on Saturdays to lead tours and come to meetings. Much of Larry’s work goes on behind-the-scenes, but it keeps the organization running smoothly and helps fund much-needed projects throughout the park.



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