Lilly Schoenberger

Schoenberger_lilly.Huntington Beach Police Department

Honoree: Lilly Schoenberger

Honored by: Huntington Beach Police Department

Cause Area: Law Enforcement & Public Safety

A word used to describe Lilly would be conscientious. Lilly has only been a member of the Volunteer in Police Services program for about one year but has already stood out to her peers as a leader. Lilly takes every opportunity to help in different departments such as Records and the Traffic Bureau, as well as at special community events. She puts in many hours and assists however she can. She is charitable, kind, and works very hard, never asking for recognition. She cannot do enough for the Police Department. She is a valued volunteer. The Huntington Beach Police Department is proud to have Lilly Schoenberger, as Volunteer of the Year for the Volunteers in Police Services program and thank her for her commitment and service.


4 thoughts on “Lilly Schoenberger

  1. So very proud of you and your achievements in such a short time with the HBPD. All the hours you have dedicated…all the times your hand went up first… responsible and always cheerful. Wonderful working with you on different occasions and sharing time with you. So happy you have been chosen by the HBPD and your peers….Claudette Ruzicka


  2. Lilly,
    you are such a pleasure to work with.
    When there is a project that needs to be taken care of, you have always stepped up to donate your time, even though you have a busy personal and family life.
    While training with the new digital file format in the Records Department, I always looked forward to your smile and professional attitude.
    Congratulations on being voted by your peers in our group as the Volunteer of the Year!!!
    Jeff Myer.


  3. Lilly
    Congratulations on being nominated as Volunteer of the Year for the VIPS. Thanks for your dedication, support, and always going above and beyond to help this Department, and in helping to keep our community safe. Great job.


  4. Congratulations, Lilly! We appreciate everything you do for us here at the HBPD and very proud of all the work you do. Thank you!!


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