Lisa Brabender

Brabender_Lisa.Mission Hospital Foundation2.PNG.jpg

Honoree: Lisa Brabender

Honored by: Mission Hospital Foundation

Cause Area: Healthcare

Lisa is a business owner and community leader that has been involved with our Valiant Women Support Group for the last 10 years. Over the years she has done everything from leading committees to chairing the Valiant Women Luncheon for the last two years. Lisa has devoted countless hours to spreading awareness and acting as an ambassador for the Mission Hospital Women’s Wellness Center. With her engaging personality she has cultivated new partnerships and corporate supporters. Please join us in congratulating Lisa on recognition at the Annual Spirit of Volunteerism Awards.



13 thoughts on “Lisa Brabender

  1. It has been an honor to get to know you and be able to work with your positive and enthusiastic support of the Valiant Women efforts for 2015-2016. You are a role-model and your hard work and leadership allowed Mission to exceed the goals established, and make the Valiant Women efforts a fun and fulfilling opportunity.


  2. Lisa –

    Thank you for your leadership of a fabulous Valiant Women luncheon. Wish we could bottle up that energy and market it! You are amazing.



  3. Dear Lisa,
    You are one of the most dynamic and passionate women I know, and Mission Hospital is blessed to be the recipient of your energy and enthusiasm. This year’s Valiant Women Luncheon was spectacular – thank you for sharing our commitment to health and healing.


  4. Lisa,

    You are one incredible woman. I have treasured watching you put every ounce of passion, love and engery into anything you are a part of. Thanks for being so caring, loving, helpful, thoughtful and selfless.Thank you for volunteering your time to Mission Hospital. We appreciate you!



  5. It has been an honor to get to know you and be able to work with your positive and enthusiastic support of the Valiant Women. I hope to continue to work with you for many years to come.

    You rock!

    Love, Serena


  6. Congratulations Lisa! Such wonderful news!

    Thank you for your passion and dedication to the Valiant Women organization at Mission Hospital. Under your leadership, the 2016 Valiant Women Luncheon was a huge success. Everyone had a fantastic time because you made sure that there was plenty of joy, fun and laughter. You are a lovely person and I am so honored to call you my dear friend.

    Love you!



  7. Lisa…… I remember when we first met on the Valiant Women Board – I knew then you’d be a volunteer phenom. Congrats!!


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