Mike Seth


Honoree: Mike Seth

Honored by: Huntington Beach Police Department

Cause Area: Law Enforcement  & Public Safety

2016 Huntington Beach Police Department – Neighborhood Watch Program


When people are asked to describe Mike in one word, the word that is consistently used is dedicated. Mike is always one of the first people to arrive and the last person to leave. He assists the Community Relations Specialist with the monthly Neighborhood Watch Newsletter Assembly. He helps with organizing, distribution, and mailing. Not only does Mike tackle his job with gusto, but he is a disciplined and conscientious worker who is always available to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Often you will see him helping on the assembly line, or taking the time to kindly give helpful hints to new volunteers to ensure that all newsletters are properly prepared and mail-ready to take to the Post Office. He always works with quiet diligence, never with any expectations other than to meet the monthly deadline with a perfect product. He is always friendly, helpful and offers suggestions for improving the way to get the job done perfectly. You can always count on him to be there when needed. A dedicated person like Mike, who is on the job (for free) rain or shine, is definitely as asset to the Huntington Beach Police Department Volunteer program. Mike deserves to be chosen as HBPD Neighborhood Watch Program Volunteer of the Year as his persona, dedication and work ethics lead to being a valuable team player, and role model for others.


3 thoughts on “Mike Seth

  1. Michael; So proud you have received this much deserved honor by your peers and the HBPD. You never hesitate to get the hard work done……always quiet and resourceful. It has been wonderful working along side you for so many years……you work so very hard and are always ready for the challenge……Claudette Ruzicka


  2. Michael,
    Congratulation on being selected as HB Neighborhood Watch Volunteer of the year. Your dedication and commitment for over 10 years is amazing. You never complain no matter how long it may take, and stay until all the work is done and everything put back into place. You truly go above and beyond to help spread the word about crime prevention, help HBPD, and this community to be a safer place.


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