Minh Tran

Tran_Minh.United Healthcare.jpg

Honoree: Minh Tran

Honored by: UnitedHealthcare

Cause Area: Healthcare

Minh Tran remembers the struggles she endured taking on various part-time jobs while pursuing her college studies. She never seemed to have much free time or energy. And that meant she certainly didn’t have much interest or many chances to participate in charity and donation activities. But ever since she began working in 2013 as a full-time professional pharmacist for UnitedHealthcare, things have relaxed and opened up for Minh. She has time in the evenings and on weekends – no more studies to worry about – and has found herself with lots of energy to spare. And that has yielded a positive result: Minh has been dedicating herself to various community volunteer programs organized through her employer. “Volunteering is a passion,” says Minh, who has given most of her service time to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County in Irvine. “I find it really rewarding and my hope is that if I help somebody, then maybe they will also turn around and help others. So a chain reaction is what gets me excited about volunteering.” For Second Harvest, Minh has found particular joy in working the small plots of farmland the organization operates. She works hard, right at ground level, picking fruit and various vegetables like broccoli, lettuce and tomatoes. And then, with teams of other volunteers, she helps load the fresh produce onto trucks for distribution to needy families around Orange County. She also has done work for other programs that have been targeted for support by the very active social responsibility committee at UnitedHealthcare. These programs have included fundraising events for the American Heart Association, coupon clipping for overseas military families and drives to provide clothes and toiletries for local youth shelters. Minh’s obvious enthusiasm for volunteer work has rubbed off on fellow workers. And upper management has taken notice of her dedication. “I commend Minh for her extraordinary spirit about volunteering. She has been very good about letting folks know how rewarding it has been for her to make contributions of time and energy,” states Alex Uhm, chief operating officer for UnitedHealthcare of California, and 2015 co-chair of the organization’s California Social Responsibility Committee. Minh, as a young professional, is an outstanding example of how a person evolves by getting involved in the world of community service and volunteerism. She has fully taken to heart UnitedHealth Group’s mission of helping people live healthier lives.


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