Rob Engel

Engel_Rob.Acacia Adult Day Services

Honoree: Rob Engel

Honored by: Acacia Adult Day Services

Cause Area: Healthcare

In 2010, Acacia was seeking volunteers for our major fundraising event. Enter Mr. Rob Engel. We were about to learn what a rewarding move that would prove to be and just how exceptional is the Bolsa Grande High School Business Teacher, ASB Advisor, and Men’s League Advisor. Rob Engel sponsors a group of dedicated young men. These men give of their personal time and energy to serve their school and community while cultivating values to becoming leaders and examples to their peers. Mr. Engel was approached to start the club by his administration back in 2000. His vision was community service, community service, and community service. Under Rob’s guidance, his Men’s League has established a distinguished history with outside organizations, doing repeat services year after year. To date, Rob has overseen sixteen events for Acacia, totaling 400 hours. He is present at every event, working alongside his Men. He has organized a group of hard working, well-rounded young men who make a positive impact whatever they do and wherever they go. Rob manages leadership training and holds his members highly accountable for their actions or lack thereof. In his words “Truth be told, we get way more out of volunteering than the people or groups we volunteer for.” Rob’s professionalism is a testament to his motto.



9 thoughts on “Rob Engel

  1. Rob, we at Acacia have found you to be an exceptional role model for the young men you lead as the Bolsa Grande Men’s League Advisor. By example you teach them leadership, honesty, integrity, a giving spirit, kindness, and desire to make a positive difference in our community. You truly epitomize the spirit of volunteerism and, thanks to you, are creating new generations of volunteers who will take us into a great future.


  2. Thank you Rob for all you do for Acacia and for being a great role model to the students at Bolsa Grande High School. A well deserved recognition.


  3. Congratulations Rob. What a wonderful mentor you are to a fantastic group of young men who have served Acacia beyond our expectations thanks to your leadership. You definitely deserve this recognition.


  4. Congratulations, Rob — well deserved! As a Board member for Acacia Adult Day Services, I have attended many of the special events that your Men have worked for us. I have always been impressed with their appearance, their attention and their helpfulness (even if it is for something other than what they are assigned). It is obvious that you have had a very positive impact in the lives of these young men.


  5. Congratulations Rob on a most well deserved honor. This especially hits home to me as I am a graduate of Bolsa Grande High School (1976) and to see the positive impact you have on these young men. As President of Acacia Adult Day Services, we are so blessed by you and you leading by example. Thank you for all you do!!


  6. Congratulations Mr. Engle! I was just talking about you the other day. I was saying.g how much of an Impact you made in my life. You deserve it!!!


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