Sophia Shimamura

Shimamura_Sophia.OC Parks
Honoree: Sophia Shimamura

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Sophia has been a docent at the OC Zoo for over 2 years. She has given more than 310 hours of service to the zoo running education programs for zoo visitors. Sophia volunteers almost every Saturday and is always happy to be at the zoo interacting with guests. Some of her primary tasks include staffing our Discovery Cart, helping out in the petting zooShimamura_Sophia.OC Parks2, and handling animals for zoo visitors to see up close. Sophia can often be seen in the zoo with our Discovery Cart and some of our animals, including our hedgehogs, rosy boas, chuckwalla lizards, burrowing owl, desert tortoises, and many others. Sophia can be counted on to give good information about our animals and is always kind to zoo guests, encouraging them to come closer to learn more about one of our zoo creatures.



One thought on “Sophia Shimamura

  1. Congratulations Sophia! Thank you so much for all the docent activities you do at the zoo. Your help makes the zoo a great place for people to visit!


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