Steve Thomas

Thomas_Steve.OC Parks

Honoree:  Steve Thomas

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

OC Parks Irvine Ranch Open Space would like to nominate Park Ranger Reserve Steve Thomas for his outstanding dedication and service to the Irvine Ranch Open Space. Steve has helped out in many capacities on the Open Space, including assisting with routine patrol, tracking unauthorized activity, event support, and most notably his commitment to servicing the Open Space Access Cameras. Steve executes his Thomas_Steve.OC Parks2tasks with precision and a positive attitude. Steve regularly exceeds his monthly Ranger Reserve commitment just by handling the Camera Monitoring Program; he often goes above and beyond by lending even more additional time to help with spur of the moment tasks such as cleaning up roadside debris or documenting post-storm trail conditions. His contributions are of great importance to the rangers and improve the cleanliness and aesthetics of the open space. Steve is able to function independently with little direction which frees up valuable time for the small Irvine Ranch Open Space ranger team. Steve’s constructive attitude and enthusiasm while performing in his role brighten the day and positively influence others around him. His reliability and humble demeanor make him an effective and pleasant resource to OC Parks’ Irvine Ranch Open Space. Steve truly has the “Spirit of Volunteerism”!



4 thoughts on “Steve Thomas

  1. Steve, Thank you for all your efforts to help throughout the entire 20,000+ acres of the Irvine Ranch Open Space. We really enjoy having you whenever you come to volunteer and appreciate your work and contributions for this wonderful facility. Thanks again and we are already looking forward to your next shift!


  2. Steve, it’s always such a pleasure to work with you! We appreciate the willingness, dedication and professionalism you bring with you every time you come out. Thank You!!!…See you soon!


  3. Once again Mr. Thomas you have shown yourself to be an outstandimg individual by serving your community, environment and co-workers in a caring and selfless way. You continue to give 110 percent in all that you do – personally and professionally. It is so good to see that you are being recognized for your volunteer efforts. You definitely deserve it!!!!!


  4. Steve,
    Thank you for all your contributions on the Irvine Ranch Open Space. You are a great ambassador. Congratulations!

    Dave Raetz


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