Susan Strosaker

Strosaker_Susan.Irvine Ranch Conservancy.jpg

Honoree: Susan Strosaker

Honored by: Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Susan has been an Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteer since 2012, and we can always count on Susan to lend a helping hand – whether on a dancing program, bird walk or special event. With any program and any audience, Susan finds ways to help connect people to the outdoors. She has developed and implemented both beginner and advanced birding programs and helps out every month at Wilderness Access Day as gate monitor, greeting the public and answering questions about local flora and fauna. She is a solid volunteer along the trails supporting or leading a program. The Conservancy can always count on Susan to help out last minute and whenever needed.


16 thoughts on “Susan Strosaker

  1. Susan, we are forever grateful for your presence and support for the many programs you commit to. I know we are very lucky to be the recipient of your dedication and passion to the land. Continuing stewardship, protection, and enhancement of The Landmarkds is pinned to volunteer engagement and public connections. You are able to provide both of these important attributes in the fitness, birding, Fire Watch, and Wilderness Access Day, activities you support. Thank you so much for your support. We are so pleased to honor you for your passion and dedication.


  2. WOO HOO to you, Susan!! You are one amazing volunteer, and one that I can always count on while out on the trails. Your calm demeanor, easygoing attitude and solid knowledge of the land makes your programs a wonderful experience for all. I truly appreciate your dedication and service as a volunteer. Thanks for ALL that you do!!!


  3. Thank you Susan for all that you do on the landmarks and putting in long hours on Fire Watch deployments and outreach events. Always a pleasure getting to work alongside you. Thank you.


  4. Congratulations, Susan! We all truly appreciate your volunteer work, your passion for the land, and your great commitment to the Conservancy for the past 3 years!


  5. Thank you for all that you do for the Conservancy! I have heard many great things about your birding walks. Congrats!


  6. Susan,
    Thank you for all your contributions to the Conservancy, the land and the public. You are performing a very important role in connecting people to the land. Well deserved honor, congratulations!


  7. I have been the continuing recipient of your patient and calm demeanor as I have learned about the Landmarks and the plants and animals inhabiting it from you. I remember how patient you were describing how to get to Round Canyon for Zumba when a change of venue needed to be made for the activity. Congratulations on your well-deserved honor! I’m glad you enjoy Zumba on HHR too!


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