Team Carbon Canyon

Team Carbon Canyon_Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Team Name: Team Carbon Canyon

Team Member Names: Ann Summers, Doug Robson, Margaret Robson, Donna Myrdal, Max Stites, Diane Stites.

Honored by: OC Parks

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Carbon Canyon Regional Park has an outstanding group of volunteers (Team Carbon Canyon). This band of volunteers assists the Park Rangers in the overall management and care of native plants and trees in over an acre of trails and native gardens. These special people arrive at Carbon each week to perform a myriad of tasks, including: planting, sTeam Carbon Canyon_Irvine Ranch Conservancy2preading mulch, removing invasive plants, and watering. These duties are often of a laborious nature but that doesn’t stop them from doing the work that needs to be done. Team Carbon Canyon works extremely hard, even on those hot summer days. Carbon Canyon’s volunteers are special people and do not hesitate to go above and beyond what is required or asked of them. This seasoned group of volunteers demonstrates dedication, enthusiasm and their love for Carbon Canyon Park and OC Parks. The Park Rangers would assuredly b
e lost without their contributions. Team Carbon Canyon is key to the overall success of the park and their dedication of time and resources has ensured that Carbon Canyon is not just a park but a destination.



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