Team Deloitte

Team Deloitte.National MS Society

Team Name: Deloitte

Honored by: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Cause Area: Healthcare

Deloitte has been involved with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Pacific South Coast Chapter for the past 6 years. As a top fundraising Bike MS team led by Rick Herschberg, they raised close to $100,000. In addition to Bike MS, they have participated in our Walk MS events for the past 3 years and have recruited not only their employees, but their friends and families as well to join in our mission. This would be a great partnership in and of itself; however, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Rick and the Deloitte team. During our Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour, Deloitte leads one of our rest stops, which becomes a highlight of the ride. They have at least 50 volunteers cheering the cyclists along with their own spin on treats and music to really keep the momentum going. Leading up to our Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour, we are invited to speak several times to the Deloitte Audit and Consultant staff at their annual meetings. This is an incredible opportunity to bring awareness of the disease and the programs and services we offer, along with our events, to hundreds of people. One of the most impactful events that Deloitte invites us to participate in is their Info Session with the UCSD Accounting Fraternity. We are able to talk about MS awareness and discuss the various opportunities for students to get involved in our events. Many of their volunteers at that incredible rest stop come from this group.

At Bike MS 2014, Rick and the Deloitte team were introduced to a very special person living with MS. She was a volunteer in a scooter cheering everyone on at the start line. She made each of the team members a personalized bandana for them to ride on the Tour. But that wasn’t enough for this team. In 2015, they actively helped her purchase a Trike and Rick drove out of his way to pick her up in the morning to make sure she could go on their training rides leading up to the event. I am so proud to say that she rode the whole 2-day 100-mile 2015 Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour with the Deloitte Bike Team. There was not a dry eye at the finish line! Thank you Rick Herschberg and the whole Deloitte team for helping us in our mission to find a cure and have a world free of Multiple Sclerosis!


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