Team MAC Cosmetics Orange County

Team MAC Cosmetics Orange County.AIDS Services

Team Name: Team MAC Cosmetics Orange County

Team Member Names: Katie Remmel, Christopher Del Castillo

Honored by: AIDS Services Foundation Orange County

Cause Area: Healthcare

M.A.C. Cosmetics Orange County and The M.A.C. AIDS Fund have been an intricate part of AIDS Services Foundation Orange County since the very beginning of the organization. At the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, M.A.C. artists volunteered with makeup application at the annual Splash Back! fundraiser in Laguna Beach. They continued the tradition for years and the Viva Glam! squad became a reoccurring presTeam MAC Cosmetics Orange County.AIDS Services2ence at the event. Today, led by team volunteers Christopher Del Castillo and Katie Remmel, the M.A.C. artists are dedicated to helping out at every event they can. Each World AIDS Day, a dozen M.A.C. artists volunteer their time with everything from art projects to giving tours. At ASF’s Food Pantry, they organize and distribute food to clients living with HIV/AIDS. During AIDS Walk Orange County, their team has not only raised over $40,000 through the years, but M.A.C. volunteers are always on hand to delight the walkers with face painting and makeovers. Additionally, Christopher and Katie both recently joined the AIDS Walk Orange County Committee, bringing their enthusiasm and dedication to help make 2016 the most successful year yet! The M.A.C. Team has never wavered from their support of ASF and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Orange County, and the future only looks brighter for this dedicated partnership.



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