Toni Andrews

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Honoree: Toni Andrews

Honored by: Mission Hospital Foundation

Cause Area: Healthcare

Mission Hospital Foundation is fortunate to have a wonderfully professional and engaging volunteer in Toni Andrews. This year Toni chaired our 20th Anniversary Gala Fund A Need committee, which raised a record $650,000 for Adolescent Mental Health and Wellness programming. Understanding the importance of teamwork is what makes her a great leader, as evidenced weekly while encouraging her team to find new and exciting ways to secure community support for this vital cause. Mission Hospital Foundation is grateful for Toni’s outstanding volunteer service! We are proud to honor her Spirit of Volunteerism!


7 thoughts on “Toni Andrews

  1. Thank you for your time and care that goes into helping us here at the foundation. Congrats on such a successful Fund a Need this past year!


  2. Toni – Thank you for everything you do for Mission Hospital. From your fun spirit to your fantastic Spicy Vines. Your great ideas and leadership push our Gala to the next level. So happy to partner with you!


  3. Toni –

    Thank you for your amazing leadership, hard work and creative efforts making our 2015 20th Anniversary Holiday Gala absolutely fabulous. You are such a joy to work with and we are grateful for you, your family and your ongoing support of Mission Hospital.



  4. Dear Toni,
    I treasure your warmth and compassion, and I feel so blessed that you are part of our Mission Hospital family. Your continued dedication to the Holiday Gala and Fund a Need is inspiring. You and Ronnie have been so generous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and engagement.

    Cathy Collins


  5. Toni,
    Thank you for all you do for Mission Hospital. I felt so very honored and blessed to be able to work with you and the Holiday Gala committee as my first event here at Mission Hospital. You have embraced and extended grace to me with such kindness. Your support, leadership and dedication to Mission Hospital is so appreciated. I look forward to our future adventure.



  6. I’m honored to be a part of such an amazing team at Mission Hospital Foundation. Sharing our team’s passion and purpose to help others through Mission Hospital Mission Veijo and Laguna Beach Mental Health for Adults and Adolescents, helps us raise awareness in our community.


  7. Toni,
    Congratulations on this amazing honor, your hard work and dedication to Mission Hospital and our vision for the future of the Laguna Beach campus is truly inspiring. Looking forward to working with you this year on the Holiday Gala!


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