Vicki Billings

Billings_Vicki.Irvine Ranch Consevancy.jpg

Honoree: Vicki Billings

Honored by: Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Vicki has been a solid volunteer since 2012, and her calm, cheerful demeanor is wonderful to have while out traveling along the dusty trails of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. She offers a quiet guiding presence, often in the back of a hiking group, helping to keep the program running smoothly. She is a strong pillar in the volunteer program, whether serving as a Fire Watch Volunteer or planting acorns and measuring seedlings in the beautiful canyons of Weir and Limestone. Vicki helps in many projects for the Science & Stewardship team, from monitoring butterflies to surveying nesting raptors. Her knowledge of flora and fauna helps her engage the community as she supports recreation activities.


18 thoughts on “Vicki Billings

  1. Vicki we are so honored by your passion and dedication to the land. The myriad of projects you work on at the Conservancy is a testament to your deep connection. Your work is a shining example that steady and detailed work makes a difference in the long term health of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. Thank you for all you do for the oaks, birds, and many fine examples of stewardship and congratulations!


  2. Thank you for your continued service to the land Vicki, we really appreciate your help in managing the open spaces we all love.


  3. Vicki, thousands of people are building a deeper connection to the land we love because of your invaluable volunteer efforts! Many thanks for all you do for our community and for your commitment to the Conservancy!


  4. Woo hoo, Vicki!! You are one awesome volunteer, my dear. Thank you for always being a solid presence in the back of the pack and helping to spot all of those birds in Agua Chinon. You have truly made a difference!!


  5. Thanks Vicki for all you do. Always a pleasure seeing you on Fire Watch and getting talk to you during deployments.


  6. Vicki, congratulations to you on this honor! Totally deserved! You are such an asset to our program and you do so much to benefit the land. You have made a difference and I am proud to be your friend.


  7. Thank you so much for all your support and hard work! You have made great contributions to our projects and your efforts are very much appreciated.


  8. Congrats Vicki! It has been a pleasure working with you as we count birds, plant pole cuttings (or sticks HA), plant acorns and measure the growth of our oak seedlings. You are always engaged in the work at hand and looking for ways to help out. We couldn’t do it without dedicated volunteers like you. Thank you for all that you do for the Conservancy and specifically for all that you do to support citizen science.


  9. Vicki, thanks for all you dedication. It is great to see you so engaged in so many activities. Our organization, the land and the public greatly appreciate everything you do. Congratulations!


  10. Congratulations Vicky – Thanks for the many hats that you wear with us and for always being warm, dependable, enthusiastic and engaging!


  11. Vicki, I loved our time in Weir Canyon when planting new oaks. Your love for the land as we worked as teams to get the job done, while at the same time sharing a wonderful moment for laughter as we posed for a photo made the outing all the more memorable! Thank you for a fantastic job!


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