Vicki Tales

Tales_Vicki.Pacific Marine Mammal center

Honoree: Vicki Tales

Honored by: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Cause Area: Animals & Environment

Vicki Tales has been a volunteer with Pacific Marine Mammal Center for 20 years. She started donating her time as our bookkeeper, before going on to help out animal care with pen cleaning and husbandry duties on Saturday mornings, and start up our gift shop. Vicki has served on the Board of Directors for over 15 years. She has been PMMC’s cheerleader, always telling people about our Center and its mission. Her enthusiasm and sincerity has brought in many wonderful donations for events and volunteer appreciation events. Vicki even got someone to donate funds from the sale of their boat to us! We are very fortunate to have Vicki a part of the PMMC family. These 20 years our organization has grown as an organization and Vicki has truly been a part of our growth and success!


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