VIP (Volunteer in Policing), Santa Ana Police Department

Team VIP, Santa Ana Police.jpg

Team Name: VIP (Volunteer in Policing)

Team Member Names: Corporal Brett Nelson, Arely Ballinas, Richard Burch, Joshua Burciaga, Mellie Clark, Raul Cruz, Gabriela Damazo, Christian Duque, Naomi Estrine, Denis Fink, Haydee Fuentes, Stuart Fuller, Greg Galvan, Dawn Gawronski, Evangeline Gawronski, Mike Gil, John Gonzales, Nancy Grijalva, Connie Hamilton, Sunny Huatran, John Keenan, Tom Mackay, Sarah Miller, Griscel Morales, Bernardo Ortega, James Pluma, Monica Pluma, Julian Rivas, Michelle Schwitters, Danielle Tellez, Richard Thompson, Eric Tlilayatzi, Guadalupe Vargas, Keri Weir, Larry Wilson, Natalie Wilson, Theresa Wilson

Honored by: Santa Ana Police Department

Cause Area: Law Enforcement & Public Safety

This team of residents pitches in to help make the Santa Ana neighborhoods a safer and better place. Whatever need is required, these volunteers step up to fill it, be it assisting the police department with data entry, conducting public outreach or following-up on complaints.


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