Catherine Trinh

Trinh_Catherine.Project access.jpg

Honoree: Catherine Trinh

Honored by: Project Access

Cause Area: Community & Capacity Building

Catherine is an overwhelmingly positive force at the Project Access Family Resource Center at Triada Apartments.Catherine specifically works with the teens as she aims to address their issue of self-expression through social media.There are multitudes of ways to use social media, but Catherine wanted to open the minds of the Project Access teens to the idea of using social media beyond their normal scope of interactions. She has since hoped to create a way in which the teenagers can learn about themselves while spreading their message of social expression through different means; from articles to videos, from podcasts to art, she hopes the impact will have a ripple effect as other teens see this new form of expression and try it out for themselves. Overall, Catherine has not only opened all of our eyes to what is possible in expressing oneself through social media, but honestly, she has inspired everyone with her hard work, determination, and relentless work ethic.”Even as a social coordinator I was blown away by Catherine’s maturity,sense of responsibility, leadership skills, and incredible organizational skills as she was able to balance the volume of work from her busy life while always maintaining a positive outlook and gearing to do more. It is my honor to recommend one of the most dedicated volunteers to ever work with me at The Family Resource Center at Triada Court Apartments. Catherine displayed more energy and determination than anyone I have ever seen.She single handedly raised the bar for Volunteers with the quality of engagement she provided, specifically to that of the teen/young adult demographic,due in large part to her unique and creative ideas. It is my belief that she has the multi-tasking talent it takes to successfully tackle any challenge or obstacle both in the academic setting, as well as out in the real world. Catherine is the type who fulfills her commitments no matter what it takes.Even if she bites off a little more than she can chew, she presses on, dedicated to doing what she promised to do. We have never had a volunteer who is as honest and trustworthy as Catherine. She has passed the background check required by Project Access, as well as completed all volunteer requirements and exceeded all expectations. She understands and adheres to proper practices, presents herself in a professional manner, and maintains excellent communication skills. I have never worked with anyone who has the level of enthusiasm that Catherine possesses.She is a tireless worker who is dependable and affable.Catherine is not afraid to change the game plan if a process is not working out.She is flexible and her goal is success, and she is willing to do whatever it takes. Catherine is committed to making our community a better place with the sacrifice of her time and efforts through her volunteer efforts. Put simply, she is just a person who humbly accomplishes the goal she sets out.” -Daniel Romero, Resident Services Coordinator


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