Charles Noyes

Noyes_Charles.THINK Together

Honoree: Charles Noyes

Honored by: THINK Together

Cause Area: Education

Charles has been volunteering at Handy Elementary’s THINKTogether program for two years. In his time at Handy, Charles has served as not only a student volunteer, but as a mentor to our students, and has become a part of the Handy Family. Charles is a high school student, who is MIT bound in the fall. His intelligence and charisma make him an essential part of the Handy Team. Charles always arrives to site with a smile on his face, ready to support students and staff alike. Upon his entering classrooms, students light up with excitement and welcome him. Charles has not only helped our students and staff, but he has helped our Handy Team grow. In addition to his return this school year, Charles recruited classmates to begin volunteering as well. Through each of the different demands on site, Charlie is able to support with the best of attitudes. Charles has been a crucial part of the Handy Team, that we are thankful to have on site.


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