Grace Hawekotte

Hawekotte_Grace.Working Wardrobes

Honoree: Grace Hawekotte

Honored by: Working Wardrobes

Cause Area: Workforce Development & Financial Literacy

We call her “Amazing Grace”! For over 2 years Grace has been volunteering with Working Wardrobes, and it all began with a party! Grace hosted a fabulous shopping party in her home that benefitted the clients of Working Wardrobes. She spent countless hours merchandising each room with items she had collected over the years and invited every person she knew to attend. She has an incredible eye for style, which is paired with a kind and generous heart. Since then, she has been on a plight to promote Working Wardrobes, seeking to get everyone she knows involved in our work. Grace serves as a strong advocate, picking up donated items from all over Orange. She has single handedly brought in over 700 items from her various contacts! For the past two Christmases, she transformed our lobby into a patriotic winter wonderland to make our veterans feel empowered when they walked through our doors. We are honored to have been “graced” by her!!


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