Jim Yang

Yang_Jim.JOYA Scholars

Honoree: Jim Yang

Honored by: JOYA Scholars

Cause Area: Education

Jim has served with JOYA Scholars loyally for four years. As a mentor, Jim has been serving as a role model to the students in our college success program. He has invested his time and energy into the same family by first mentoring Solomon, the eldest brother until he graduated and moved on to study at UCI. After seeing Solomon off, Jim then decided toYang_Jim.JOYA Scholars2 continue mentoring with us and serve the same family, by mentoring Julian, Solomon’s younger brother. Both Solomon and Julian have expressed that his dedication to them is something that has inspired them to succeed through higher education. Jim has gone above and beyond what is asked of him as a mentor, and has poured out so much time into getting to know Julian and Solomon individually. He serves wherever he is needed during mentor meetings and outings, and is always willing to serve despite his own priorities as a husband and father. Volunteers like Jim are the heart of JOYA Scholars.



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