John Hurlbut


Honoree: John Hurlbut

Honored by: OneOC

Cause Area: Community & Capacity Building

John has been a long-standing volunteer for OneOC’s Spirit of Volunteerism Awards. He has provided thoughtful leadership, outstanding commitment, and enthusiastic action as part of our event Committee. OneOC is deeply appreciative of John’s time, skill, relationship building and ambassadorship for the advancement of OneOC and our mission to accelerate nonprofit success. John has brought in numerous business partners and law firms as sponsors and participants, promoting a collegial and community spirit amongst this sector. Additionally John has secured a volunteer Jazz Band that provides entertainment prior to the event. John doesn’t stop there …. he personally sponsors Spirit of Volunteerism Awards and even gives his Angels baseball tickets to enhance the event even more. A huge thank you to John Hurlbut for being OneOC’s hero!


6 thoughts on “John Hurlbut

  1. Congratulations John. We appreciate deeply all the time and commitment you share to advance Spirit of Volunteerism Awards and volunteerism as a solution to Orange County’s pressing needs.


  2. John, Congratulations on being honored at the Spirit of Volunteerism awards luncheon. You are such a true treasure to OneOC. Thank you for believing in us and the community. I really appreciate your commitment to doing the best you can. Thanks for bringing in sponsors, bands, friends, your law firm and getting silent auction items. We are proud to have you on the OneOC Team!


  3. Thank you John for your support of the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Congratulations!


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