Kathie Wolin

Wolin_Kathie.Pretend City.jpg

Honoree: Kathie Wolin

Honored by: Pretend City Children’s Museum

Cause Area: Education

Kathie is one of the most loved volunteers here at Pretend City! While we have various volunteer positions available for everyone, Kathie is always willing to help any department with anything they need. She not only donates her time and amazing sewing skills, she also helps spread our mission to the larger community. As a volunteer, Kathie has helped with sewing and creating amazing costumes for the children, collecting art work from children and sending it out to our Troops overseas, helping out with administrative work, and even acting as a great volunteer spokesperson! We are so incredibly lucky to have Kathie as a volunteer!


5 thoughts on “Kathie Wolin

  1. How wonderful for you and for those who work with you and those who receive your many gifts – both physical and psychical. You are an inspiration!

    And to think I “knew you when”.


  2. Kathie is a gift to us all. Her family, her friends, her community, and those lost and alone anywhere in the world. She is a compassionate soul sharing her divine creativity freely. She has been my role model for more years than I can count. I am grateful and humbled by her friendship.


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