Kyohei Itamura

Itamura_Kyohei.Tiger Woods Learning center.jpg

Honoree: Kyohei Itamura

Honored by: Tiger Woods Learning Center

Cause Area: Education

The Tiger Woods Learning Center (TWLC) delivers unique experiences and innovative educational opportunities to youth. Our volunteers help us come closer to fulfilling our mission. We would like to honor Kyohei Itamura for his dedication and commitment of time to our programs. Kyohei became a TWLC volunteer in 2014 and is a wonderful asset to our golf programs! Kyohei has been playing golf for over ten years. He was on the 2008 and 2009 Tiger Woods Foundation National Junior Golf Team. He played golf at the NCAA Division I level and graduated from Brown University with a degree in Chemical Biology. Kyohei enjoys volunteering at the TWLC and assists with our Saturday Golf Programs. He is passionate about teaching youth the game of golf and has an opportunity to share his love for the game. Kyohei has dedicated countless hours to our golf programs and has developed positive relationships with students. He is a positive role model and is truly making a difference. The Tiger Woods Learning Center proudly commends Kyohei on his recognition at the 2016 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards.


6 thoughts on “Kyohei Itamura

  1. Kyohei, I just want to commend you for the outstanding job you are doing with the students you work with during our Saturday golf programs. They really respond to you, and that’s probably due to how patient you are with them. The students are so lucky to have you as a positive role model. Thank you for all that you do. Congrats!


  2. Kyohei, thank you for all that you do for the programs. Your help is always a great help to me and the rest of the golf team. If anyone embodies the spirit of volunteerism, it’s you. Great job and I hope to keep seeing you.


  3. Coach K,
    These words cannot express how much you mean to the students at the TWLC. Your dedication to mentoring the students is unmatched. You even have shown up to volunteer even when we were closed…my bad. You bring that extra added value to our programs and inspire both myself and others around you. Congratulations on your recent success and this Spirit of Volunteerism Award!
    All the best,
    Roman Gonzales, PGA


  4. Congratulations Coach K! We are very lucky to have you volunteer for our organization. The students and staff greatly appreciate all you do. Thank you for driving every single Saturday from Palos Verdes to Anaheim.


  5. Congratulations on your award Kyohei! This award is well-deserved and I hope that you know that you are an indispensable asset to Saturday golf programs. Thanks for sharing your love of golf with others. Congratulations again!


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