Merlin Eelkema


Honoree: Merlin Eelkerna

Honored by: KidWorks

Cause Area: Education

Merlin and his family have been an invaluable blessing to KidWorks and have consistently served with our organization for the past three years. Each month, KidWorks has a general parent meeting where we offer childcare for all of our families that attend the program. Merlin, his family, and many times additional volunteers whom he has recruited through his church, come to serve faithfully each month and have committed to taking on this childcare component. They not only look after the students, but they also bring incredible crafts and activities for them to complete while their parents are in the meeting. In addition, Merlin is an advocate and donor and has consistently proven his willingness to step-in where there is a need to be filled with KidWorks families. He is a volunteer whole-heartedly connected and committed to the success of KidWorks and the children and youth that we serve. We are deeply grateful for his service and for his contribution to the holistic growth of our students in central Santa Ana.


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