Panda Cares Representatives

Team Panda Cares.JPG

Team Name: Panda Cares Representatives

Team Member Names: Nina Osorio, Ruby Avitia, Stacey Tjahjadi, Christina Lee, Melinda Yee-Dong, Ashley Hodge, Annie Duong, James Campbell, Toby Seloadji, Ryan Johnson, Kristin Crawford, Jacqueline Tse, Amanda Young, Cayin Brioines, Robert Hernandez, Alicia Cuellar, Juliam Hsu, Yan Wen, Tina Hsing,Rubina Sohd, Nina Osorio

Honored by: Panda Restaurant Group

This team is nominated for going above and beyond the call of duty. Besides their day-to-day functions in supporting over 1,800 stores, the Panda Cares Reps coordinate charitable events throughout the US. They put smiles on the faces of children they may never get to meet, and yet who are positively impacted by their hard work. This team really makes Panda’s giving possible!


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