Selene Hanna

Hanna_Selene.THINK Together.jpeg

Honoree: Selene Hanna

Honored by: THINK Together

Cause Area: Education

Selene Hanna has shown a tremendous effort to support our students at Veeh Elementary’s THINK Together program in Tustin. Selene has gone out of her way to get children’s books donated to our THINK Together students and during the holidays she brought in Christmas cards and candy canes for all of the 90+ students. She also had small toys donated for our students. Since Selene has begun volunteering at Veeh, we have noticed an improvement in the students’ behavior. In fact, in the month of November, Selene has been able to keep our behavior system in place when we had a vacancy for a program leader position. Selene has been worked alongside our new program leader to assist in managing the classroom. Selene always shows great enthusiasm, she has a very consistent attendance and is very positive although she may have had a stressful day. Parents, and staff have all praised Selene, and we are thankful to have her as a volunteer for our organization.


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