Team AT&T Pioneers

Team AT&T Pioneers.Project Access.jpg

Team Name: AT&T Pioneers

Team Member Names: Lois Carmona, Ben Chavez, Esther Chavez, Mary Golden, Carole Lawver, Jo Ann Stowers, Nancy Roeder, Capi Bradley, Betsy Graper, Linda Anderson

Honored by: Project Access

Cause Area: Community & Capacity Building

Lois, Ben, Esther, Mary, Carole, Jo Ann, Nancy, Capi, Betsy, and Linda have all been a huge help to the Project Access Family Resource Center at Malabar Apartments. These corporate volunteers help out so much during our Community Building Events. They make sure to take time off their busy schedules to give the Resident Services Coordinator a call weeks before an event to see if there is any extra help needed. They help serve food, they help out during craft activities, and they interact with the residents, always with a smile on their face. “I would like to nominate AT&T Pioneers because of all the hours of service they have put into making the Community Building Events at the Family Resource Center at Malabar Apartments a huge success. I don’t see a better nominee than these wonderful people.” -Ana Guillen, Resident Services Coordinator.


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