Team Nutrilite

Team Nutrilite.Amway

Team Name: Team Nutrilite

Team Member Names: Machelle Cox, Griselda Dominguez, Jesse Dominguez, Roslyn Kerneen, Yolanda Correa, Erika Nungary, Corrine Bernal, Jon Mathis, Wendy Equitz

Honored by: Amway-Nutrilite

Caring, Committed and Consistent: Team Nutrilite volunteers are the BIG 3! It takes a lot of heart and compassion to give of oneself and this team CARES for others in the most thoughtful ways. The team is COMMITTED to making children’s lives happier and healthier and they are devoted to that mission. Team Nutrilite incorporates a rare attribute these dayTeam Nutrilite.Amway2s, CONSISTENTCY and unswerving reliability, they can always be counted on to step up to new opportunities to serve the children of our communities. They volunteer hundreds of hours each year and I am so proud of this extraordinary team…go Team Nutrilite!



One thought on “Team Nutrilite

  1. Great job team!!! I am so proud of all you do for Orangewood … and interacting with the kids is priceless! A BIG thank to Machelle Cox for keeping us all engaged and finding new crafts and games and foods to try each time. It is such an honor to be part of the team.


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