UCI Student Alumni Association

Team UCI Student Alumni Association

Team Name: UCI Student Alumni Association

Honored by: UC Irvine Alumni Association

Cause Area: Education

The pinnacle to me, as far as examples that represent the spirit of volunteerism, is the group known as the Student Alumni Association (SAA) at UCI. An organization that proudly represents the best of what the University of California, Irvine can offer, the Student Alumni Association helps build a bridge of connections between students and alumni while giving them the opportunity to grow as leaders. Over the years since they have been established, through working alongside alumni, community leaders and many other organizaTeam UCI Student Alumni Association2tions, SAA has established themselves as a recognizable presence in the community. The organization continues to grow as they recruit spirited individuals who demonstrate passion for volunteering and display leadership potential. Helping out with events such as Dinners with Anteaters, Study Break, and UCI Homecoming, it’s their energy and enthusiasm that create such an enjoyable working environment within their organization as well as with the many alumni and staff that they encounter and support. SAA is always motivated and dedicated to the work they do, seeking no recognition when the job is done but only the knowledge that the work they did went towards helping a greater cause. They have received numerous amounts of praise for their incredible work ethic and efforts into making an event successful. They address problems that arise promptly with composure, and allow events to run smoothly. Most notably, SAA hosts the six hour dance marathon: Care-a-thon. One of UCI’s biggest fundraising events of the year, students raise money to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the UC Irvine Douglas Medical Hospital. Last year, SAA was able to raise about $26,000 and they are well on their way of beating that goal with their sights set on raising about $30,000 this year. It is only through their hard work, passion and dedication to service that this would have been possible. I believe that The Student Alumni Association should be honored as they go above and beyond expectations, doing so much and never asking for anything in return. The work they do for the community is commendable.



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