Alexxis Cardenas

Cardenas_Alexxis.Taco bell Corp

Honoree: Alexxis Cardenas

Honored by: Taco Bell Corporation

Alexxis has an amazing big heart and we are so lucky to have her on our team. She is truly committed to helping Orange County girls reach their maximum potential by volunteering her time for one of her favorite charities, Girl’s Inc of Orange County. In addition, Alexxis has been one of our brand ambassadCardenas_Alexxis.Taco bell Corp2ors as part of the nationwide outreach with the 100K Opportunities initiative. Alexxis represented the brand and inspired youth in need by helping them find careers and educational opportunities within our company. By talking with the thousands of teens who participated, she helped spread the message of hope that they too could someday have a fulfilling career. We are so grateful to have Alexxis as part of our team. She brings Mas Heart to all she does.



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