Angelica Cagatan


Honoree: Angelica Cagatan

Honored by: Illumination Foundation

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

Angelica has done an exceptional job as an Illumination Foundation volunteer and goes above and beyond when it comes to the needs of our children during homework hour and enrichment activities. Her ability to connect with our children is admirable and shows how she genuinely cares about all our students. Angelica is an extremely dependable volunteer, always willing to assist staff when needed. She is a self-starter and knows exactly what needs to be done when she arrives at the Children’s Resource Center. Through her leadership and drive, Angelica helped us raise funds for our field trips during the summer. Additionally, she exceeded expectations by volunteering on unscheduled days to help during summer field trips. Angelica’s dedication and hard working positive nature has made her an extraordinary asset to the Children’s Resource Center.


2 thoughts on “Angelica Cagatan

  1. Congratulations Angelica! From day 1 you have made a huge impact and difference in the lives of our kids at the CRC! Thank you!


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