Camille Marinelli

Marinelli_Camille.South County Outreach

Honoree: Camille Marinelli

Honored by: South County Outreach

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

South County Outreach is happy to recognize the service of computer lab administrative volunteer Camille Marinelli by honoring her with a 2016 Spirit of Volunteerism Award. Camille has been volunteering as a computer lab administrator for almost four years. She helps clients explore classes, through the South Count Outreach enrollment list, which expands their career paths and gives new opportunities for their future groMarinelli_Camille.South County Outreach2wth. Her focus is on helping clients find appropriate classes that will help them obtain  a higher skillset, and eventually lead them to a successful job in the community. Her empathy for clients is one of the many qualities that makes Camille a great computer lab administrator. South County Outreach Director of Operations, Renee Stevenson said Camille “has a talent for making clients feel good about furthering their knowledge of computer programs. Many of our clients have a fear of learning new forms of technology, and some doubt their own abilities to learn multiple programs. Camille helps identify their established skillset, and shares recommendations on classes that will help each client’s growth and overall job search.” Camille is one of the 24 computer lab volunteers and 309 other weekly volunteers who keep South County Outreach operating. Her daily tasks are handling multiple phone calls at a time, updating waitlisted students and processing new application forms; all of which she performs flawlessly. She is a leader in the computer lab administration team, and doubles as a volunteer trainer, whenever new admins are introduced to the volunteer team. Camille started volunteering in July 2012. On her original application she requested her volunteer time to be helping with computer lab administration and client follow up. Almost four years later, she has grown to be one of the most valued members of the South County Outreach volunteer team.




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