Dan Ta

Ta_Dan.Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America

Honoree: Dan Ta

Honored by: Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America

Cause Area: Financial Literacy

Dan Ta is an exceptional Eagle Scout. He was recently selected as part of a delegation to deliver the Boy Scout’s 2015 Report to the Nation in Washington, D.C – only the “Best of the Best” are given this honor. In 2015, Dan was included in the list of the One Hundred Most Influential People in Orange County. He recently received the City of Cypress’s Special Recognition Award and the Key to the City for his work in creating the Penny Wise Club – a Financial Literacy project that he completed to earn his Eagle ScTa_Dan.Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America2out Rank. Dan’s Eagle Scout project began with a concern that the kids of his generation spend money outside their means and do not appreciate the value of money. He wanted to spread financial literacy among his peers and their communities by starting a personal finance club and ending with a major Financial Literacy Event. Dan founded a financial literacy club titled the Penny Wise Club, which met weekly and was for like-minded students to build a structure of support and bonding. The activities of the club involved in-depth education of different personal finance concepts and participation in stock competitions. Establishing and running the club demonstrated planning, developing, and giving leadership to others and it was very helpful to his school community. A school wide Financial Literacy event was held for all students with club members’ support and several community leaders were invited to speak about the importance of personal finance skills. The leadership skills developed through the Scouting program are very evident in Dan Ta and the creation of his Financial Literacy project – The Penny Wise Club.



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