David Stiffler

Stiffler_David.Wells Fargo.jpg

Honoree: David Stiffler

Honored by: Wells Fargo

David Stiffler is participating in AIDS/LifeCycle for his eleventh consecutive year! As in years past, he has committed to raising more than the minimum of $3,000 to participate in the Ride. This year his goal is to raise $10,000 for the HIV/AIDS services provided at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and has raised $4,000 to date. Collectively, David has raised over $37,000.00 for the Los Angeles LGBT Center. This money is used for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs, including outreach to young men of color, transgender sexual health, Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, HIV and STI testing, mental healthcare, treatment adherence counseling, and many other programs, with the goal of ending AIDS as an epidemic. Because of his commitment to AIDS/LifeCycle, these programs can grow and expand the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s reach.

Participating in AIDS/LifeCycle requires hours of training for the 545 mile ride. David has put in countless hours of his own time preparing for the journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Because of his 10 years of experience, David is a willing asset to the other cyclists who are training for this event. He has a breadth of knowledge on what is necessary and is always willing to share that knowledge with new participants, one way he does so is by leading training rides. David’s participation in AIDS/LifeCycle not only impacts the clientele served because of the funds raised through AIDS/LifeCycle, but also the community of dedicated cyclists riding for the cause. Every year, 50% of the Participants in AIDS/LifeCycle are brand new to the event and many are brand new to cycling. Because of David’s ten years of service to the ride, he can transmit his experience to the new riders and help build in them the confidence to complete the ride, which results in more money for HIV/AIDS services. Here is the really special part: lots of people will commit to ride and raise money for one or two years, very few people will ride in this event for more than five years, and only a hand full of people have the dedication to be of service for ten years. I asked David why has stayed the course for ten years of service, his reply was really simple, he said: “I ride for those who can’t.”


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