Denney Kwok


Honoree: Denney Kwok

Honored by: PAAMCO

I had the opportunity to work with Denney on project fulfilling a corporate initiative of philanthropy and community awareness. This particular project was an in-house corporate volunteer day filling backpacks with school supplies for the Olive Crest Academy, a local private school benefiting a student population of severely emotional disturbed, autistic and behavioral IEP students from Kindergarten through high school. During our kick-off meeting for this project, I was immediately taken by Denney’s excitement and true engagement in the opportunity. While Denney referenced similar events he had coordinated in his undergraduate work through his fraternity, I immediately recognized that the soft skills he possessed were more than he understood. Denney has a sincere connection to stewardship. I have interacted with analysts and staff members in similar projects at PAAMCO for nearly 6 years and Denney is among a small group of people who has shown distinctive leadership and desire to do more than the “assigned” task. As a result of this leadership, Denny, and a fellow analyst, thoughtfully designed a companywide event totaling over $10,000 worth of school supplies. They liaised with Olive Crest leadership, recruited additional PAAMCO volunteers, and were able to stuff 160 backpacks and design Spirit Signs.


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