Ginni Conde

Conde_Ginni.Working Wardrobes

Honoree: Ginni Conde

Honored by: Working Wardrobes

Cause Area: Workforce Development & Financial Literacy

Ginni is truly a representation of what volunteerism is all about. She began her dedicated journey nearly 2 years ago in our reception area as an administrative volunteer. Assisting with front desk operations, Ginni lends herself to be the magnificent “voice of Working Wardrobes.” She takes great pride in providing excellent customer service, ensuring that everyone is welcomed with a smile. She has a rare and genuine, kind-hearted demeanor with clients, staff, volunteers, and each and every person she comes in contact with. Ginni goes above and beyond the regular responsibilities of a volunteer by regularly picking up clothing donations for those who do not have the means to deliver them. In addition, she shares her special talent of fixing jewelry. Ginni works tirelessly to repair tangled, damaged jewelry, in order to provide Working Wardrobes’ clients with the best and most beautiful accessories to wear when interviewing for their dream jobs. Ginni is one-in-a-million; someone who radiates nothing but warmth and positive energy. Ginni deserves to be honored at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards for exemplifying what it means to give 110% to help someone in need.


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