Kellina Martin

Martin_Kellina.Insights Foundation.jpeg

Honoree: Kellina Martin

Honored by: Insights Foundation

Cause Area: Hunger & Homelessness

What is better than intentions – ACTION. Kellina gives in so many ways, financial – donating more than she can take deductions for, her time, her support, her heart. She’s developed a motivational support program ‘Love and Lighten Up’ that impacts hundreds. She provides education with humor and story- telling that empowers; she gives hope and systems to keep on the recovery path. Kelli has endured the greatest sorrow, the death of her 23-year old daughter to a drug overdose. Finding her way through emotional recovery was a struggle. The lessons learned provided the pathway to creating Insights Foundation, a motivational support organization, dedicated to assisting those who have suffered emotional trauma  to find balance and peace. Her humanitarian work is multifaceted, from assisting the homeless, providing for the needy, cat rescue, and recovery support. She touches hundreds of lives each month, providing in ways that touch the heart and soul.


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